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Jude McLean Author

Break Free

Sample Chapter

He would be a happy man if he could stay with her forever, but it was time to put a tiny bit of distance between them. He sat up, intending to roll off, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. So instead, he swept his palm up and down her leg, that was still slung over his shoulder. “Jesus, you’re beautiful. But you knew that already.”

“Maybe. But it’s still nice to hear.” She thought she heard footsteps. “Did you hear someone?” she asked.

Simon shook his head.

She peeked around his firmly planted arm just in time to see Bootstrap approaching and Connor’s shocked face.

Connor snatched hold of the dog’s collar before he could visit the indecent pair. Sondra smiled brightly and waved hello, twinkling her toes inside her white sandal over Simon’s shoulder.

Connor darted away, practically dragging the curious dog behind him. Growing up, he and Simon shared everything, but this was a bit much. How does one unsee that? He required a whiskey right away. Nan and Shamus, wherever they were, could find their own way to dinner.

But poor, scarred-for-life Connor was in for another surprise eyeful when he stumbled on Nan kissing Shamus underneath the archway of climbing roses! At least they were upright, but Shamus’ hands were roaming over places that Connor didn’t want to think about his aunt having. He rubbed his eyes and got away as quickly as his feet would take him.

Honestly, was this his wedding or a family orgy?

He had set out to find them, and find them he did. Although he wished he hadn’t. The words, “Be careful what you wish for” were never more appropriate.

Simon was dropping kisses along Sondra’s most graceful throat. Later, he would be sure to give it the proper attention it deserved. “Do you have plans for tonight?” he asked.

“Yes.” Liar. Your big plan is a hot shower, a tub of ice cream, and Derry Girls. You already threw yourself at him. So what’s the harm in telling him the truth? The harm was that something was different. She suspected she would never get enough of him.

“Cancel them.” In fact, clear your schedule permanently. “Next time won’t be so quick. It may be days before we scratch this itch, Sunny.” If he'd learned anything about Sondra Keane, one time was not enough. She was just getting warmed up, and he had every intention of finding out just how long she could go.

Sondra couldn’t say no.

She looked around as she pulled down her hem.

“Looking for these?” Simon dangled her underwear from one finger. She reached, and he snatched them back inside his fist. “I’m keeping them. Since I have to wait to sample you.”

“Simon! You can’t!”

“It will arouse me, knowing you’re walking around with no knickers.” He brushed them under his nose. “If you taste half as sweet as you smell, then I’m afraid you won’t ever need these again because I’ll be keeping you otherwise engaged.” His lips curled into a devilish smile as he neatly tucked the pale yellow silk into his suit pocket. He would take the fact that they were his favorite color as a sign. She was his.

Her knees gave out. She had never been told something so erotic.

He hugged her tight and nipped lightly at the corner of her mouth. “Did I wear you out already, Sunny? Good. It will give me an excuse to hold you close the rest of the day. I can’t have the maid of honor falling down.” 

“You think I won’t go into your pocket after them? We just had sex in your cousin’s garden. Who caught us, by the way.”


“Connor. He saw us. I waved hello.”

Simon roared with laughter. Why had it taken so long to find this vixen?


Book One

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Break Free
Book Two

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