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Jude McLean Author

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Jude McLean Author


Released June 2021

about  the book

Jude McLean Author

Escape in a love story filled with passion, suspense, and mystery set in the breathtaking charm of Ireland.

The first in the O’Brian trilogy introduces Connor O’Brian, a hard-working Irishman who wants nothing to do with women and romance. He was burned once, and that was enough. But for years, he has dreamt of one particular woman. He doesn’t know the sound of her voice, but he knows the sound of her heart, and it’s broken. He doesn’t know who she is or if she even exists, but she is the only one he would chase to the ends of the earth. 

Darcie Hartwell goes to Ireland to start fresh and quickly finds out fate has other plans for her. She isn’t looking for adventure, love, or even friends. She only wants a peaceful life. When she falls into Connor O’Brian’s waiting arms, everything changes. But she has a secret and a past that haunts her and has been hiding for years. She no longer knows who she is but will soon find out.

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indie bookstores

Jude McLean Author

I'm self-publishing and a self-promoting author, and although I am on Amazon, I'd like to work more with independent bookstores to promote my work and keep them in business. Too many bookstores have been forced to close due to increased online shopping. I've always enjoyed walking into a bookstore and picking up a book to peek inside its pages. A bookstore is one of the last places one can go on a real treasure hunt—the search for the next grand book to lose myself to.

Sure, I can click to my heart's content online, but a shop has the feel, the scent, and the atmosphere that no website can ever compete with. That should be preserved and appreciated, and if I can have something to do with making that happen, I have served my purpose.

Please complete the form below with your business name, the owner's name, email, and phone number and if you're interested in ordering copies and holding pop-up events at your bookstore.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you within 2 days.

Jude McLean Author

the author

Jude McLean Author

I am of Irish descent and hold a deep-rooted affinity to Ireland. It was only natural that it be the setting of my first trilogy. Ireland has tattooed itself on my soul. It's my second home. I can't be there as much as I would like. This way, I can be there as often as I wish and bring my readers along for the ride. 


I enjoy picking up a book and losing myself for a while. Don't get me wrong; I like a good, long book that makes me ponder and speculate, but sometimes I just need a break. My stories serve as a recess from daily life. They are made up of the believable with enough magic, whimsy, romance, and darkness to give one an escape into an adult fairy tale.


​I write the stories that come to me as best I can so others hear the characters, feel their emotions, and see their lives the way I do. They say to write what you want to read. I did just that and took the typical script of romance and shredded it. In short, I let it rip and love every moment of it! I hope you do too.

- Jude McLean

Her rambling was interrupted by his lips brushing hers as he pulled her in for a leisurely kiss. She tasted like whiskey and chocolate and when he released her she was dizzy. It took her a minute to get her bearings. He liked that. - Book One, Escape

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