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Jude McLean Author

Jude's Journal

Welcome to Jude’s journal. I hate the word blog. It sounds like the name of a lousy horror flick, “The Blog,” so I refuse to have one. Moving on. In this space, I set all my flying monkeys loose. You will find interviews and essays about Heaven only knows what. Some writings are serious, most are just plain nonsense where I get to display my gifts of swearing too often, laughing too loudly, and eating cake! There will most definitely be poor punctuation, so you may just want to listen to me narrate. All in all, I have a wicked sense of humor and a big heart. So pry that stick out of your you-know-what and join me in a bit of well-earned frivolity. The recess bell just rang, and it’s time to play. 

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Jude McLean Author

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Escape, Break Free, and United

This series brings together friends that turn into family and makes existing family ties that much stronger. Darcie Hartwell innocently embarks on a search for a fresh start. She isn’t looking for adventure, love, or even friends. Darcie only wants a peaceful life. Something she hasn’t known for far too long. She goes to Ireland to start fresh and finds out that fate has plans for her. She falls in love with Connor O’Brian, finds a kindred spirit in Sondra Keane, a protector in Shamus O'Day, a brother in Simon O’Brian, and a mentor in Nan O’Brian. Together the six learn dark secrets, deal with tragedy and ultimately protect Darcie from the dangerous family she never knew existed.


Book One

Break-Free-eBook copy_edited_edited.jpg

Break Free
Book Two

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