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Jude McLean Author


Welcome, and thank you for signing up! Darcie’s birthday dinner could have been a disaster because Connor burned the food to the point where Darcie said it needed a carbon date. The poor guy. We will give him an A+ for his effort. Thank goodness he had Grace to call on. The ace in the hole dinner he served was simple, delicious food: wine, sliced fruit and cheese, roast chicken with vegetables, and chocolate cake. Who would say no to that menu? Below are the recipes to replicate the dinner. In the book, I say only that he served roast vegetables. So, if you don’t like Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinaigrette... well, you need to get your taste buds examined, or you can have whatever vegetable pleases you. The same goes for the wine, fruit, and cheese. Whatever makes you happy, go with it.

When Darcie arrived in Ireland, she was excited, and instead of eating, she went exploring. That exploring led her to Connor. Next, it led her to Grace, who became her dear friend. In Grace’s cafe, Darcie said she had finished all of her meal, and she hadn’t finished a meal or enjoyed her food in years. That meal consisted of Irish Brown Bread, Tomato Soup, and Shepard’s Pie. Two of the recipes are straight from Ireland for you to use to replicate that delicious, savory meal that reminded Darcie life still has pleasures in store for her. Enjoy!

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