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Jude McLean Author

Tennessee Repose

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Hey, ya’ll! Whatcha been doin’? That’s what they say here in Tennessee. As I sit here writing this, my editor is in the bathroom, having just got out of the shower. She’s drying her hair and dropped the hairdryer. If it were me, I would most likely swear or curse my hairdryer. Not her. She sings happily. Nothing, in particular, just a little ditty she’s making up as she goes along about being clumsy. It’s funny and heartwarming to hear. Her husband, Red, is sitting in the living room watching a TV show about building log cabins or taking them apart and rebuilding them more like it. 


I’ve been here visiting my editor for the past two weeks. It’s been in the nineties every day, humid and rainy. But there have been some beautiful rainbows. There was one particular double rainbow that was right outside the house over Connor Street. Yeah, that’s right, the next street over from me right now is Connor Street. Funny Coincidence, huh? I tried and failed to get a good photo of the double rainbow. 


My editor is also my Godmother. She’s a woman I’ve admired my whole life. I won’t give away her life story, but believe me when I say it’s a doozy. For better or worse, there isn’t a whole lot she hasn’t done. So, when she has advice, I listen. Her advice to me recently was to get my fanny to her house and take a break. I was burned out after Escape was released. Anyone who thinks publishing a book is easy is a fool. She doesn’t know that I’m writing this right now, so let’s just keep this our little secret. She was right, though. I needed to put away the laptop, take a lesson from Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh, and just do nothing. 


Doing nothing has consisted of hanging around the house in my “Let Me Sleep” pj’s, snuggling with the two dogs Zoey and Bitsie, and eating junk food with Red. Any of you know what a “Fat Boy” is? I do, and they are delicious. Also, if you’re ever near a Sonic do yourself a favor a get a Lemonade Slush. I swear that stuff is frozen crack and I’m more than willing to be addicted. Want to make it a party? Order a soft pretzel twist to accompany the slush. 


Uh oh, my editor just caught me typing. I didn’t notice the hairdryer not running. This ain’t good, ya’ll. She’s giving me a look that would freeze hydrogen. Bitsie was supposed to be my lookout. The little slacker is asleep under my arm. I’ll wrap this up and get back to doing nothing. Red is walking to the freezer now to fetch us “Fat Boys” and then we’re going to watch Flea Market Flip. TTFN! 

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