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I don’t make New Year's resolutions. I find the whole tradition absurd. Don’t misunderstand; me and nonsense get along like peanut butter and chocolate, but resolutions are just plain useless. People use a brand-new calendar as a motive to say, “I’m going to do better”. Call me a sour puss; you wouldn’t be wrong, but hear me out. We’re only one month into the new year, and those resolutions you made - how many have you already broken? Not deliberately, I’m sure, but those vows you made are broken just the same. You failed, and now you feel worse than before. Well, how is that helping anyone?

The definition of ‘resolution’ is the act of answering or solving. Not everything has an answer; not everything can be resolved; not everything has a solution. Some things just simply are what they are. Human beings generally don’t accept this. We think we must solve everything. Often in the midst of coming up with a solution to what we feel is a problem, we create problems. And then what have we got? You all can fill in the blank.


As a rule, we should each make it a daily effort to do better, be better. Be kinder to both ourselves and others, complain less and give thanks more, take care of what we have while on the path to achieving more, mind our manners, and for pity’s sake, stop using cell phones at the dinner table or while driving.

This year instead of the grand gesture of vowing to be different or better, why don’t we all resolve to unresolve? Join me in letting some things be. Okay, so you don’t vacuum often enough. So what? The dog hair will still be there tomorrow. You aren’t adventurous enough. Well, COVID has taken care of that. Next? You want to learn to speak Italian. Mille gratzie a tutti. There, you can thank me later. You want to spend more time with your loved ones. You should be doing that anyway. You want to exercise more. Go take a walk. You don’t need a fancy piece of equipment to get in shape, and the fresh air will do you good. You want to cook more often instead of ordering in. You want to relax a bit more and appreciate life. Now that I can get on board with. But those aren’t resolutions. Those are healthy steps to giving yourself a good life.

In short, nobody needs a new calendar year to make these changes. We just need the daily will to make conscious efforts towards a better life. If you can do that, you will not need a resolution because you will have already achieved what you desired.

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