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Jude McLean Author
Jude McLean Author

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Arse Over Irish Teacup, A cozy rom-com

Even walking disasters need love.


Clumsy, quirky, and utterly charming, Bethany Spinner is a human whirlwind of catastrophes. While she is no stranger to embarrassing situations, getting publicly dumped at her grandmother’s funeral is a whole new kind of embarrassment. Deciding she’s had enough, Beth takes a page from her favorite Irish romance novel and sets off to find her real-life dashing hero ...


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An O'Brian Bride for Christmas, An O'Brians Novella 


Sometimes family plans a surprise wedding!


Christmastime is here and due largely to the remarkable efforts of Sondra and Simon, the harrowing threat of the last few months is over. What better way to celebrate than with a lavish wedding? But Sondra insists she wants a courthouse ceremony. Simon isn’t convinced and is determined to make it an extraordinary celebration for the love of his life.

Join the O’Brian’s as they transform the drab wedding into an enchanting winter wonderland, complete with twinkling lights, a Bitsy ring-bearer, and holiday cheer. Don’t forget the champagne and sprinkles because this is one Christmas none of them will ever forget!

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The O'Brians 


Escape, The O'Brians, Book One the Audiobook 

Narrated by Jude

Available for purchase at your favorite digital store.

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Jude McLean Recipes

Freebie: Get the recipes from Escape 


What is more drab than a dull meal? Nothing, except for perhaps the birthday meal Connor burned to where Darcie joked it needed a carbon date to prove it had ever been food. Jude will bring you recipes from her books and helpful culinary tips, all laced with her humor to help ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

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Jude McLean Playlist

The O'Brians have a playlist on Spotify

Listen to the song selection Jude created to enhance your Escape. What is better than a great book? A playlist to accompany that wonderful book. These songs will immerse you into Darcie and Connor’s world. When “Sh-Boom” comes on, you will feel like you’re sitting in the vintage Cadillac with your head on Connor’s shoulder.

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the author

Jude McLean Author


I'm an American of Irish descent. I never thought I would need to say that until a reader sent me a message asking what the weather was like in Ireland. I said, "Let me Google that for you." LOL. As I was saying, I hold a deep-rooted affinity to Ireland. So it was only natural that it be the setting of my books. Ireland has tattooed itself on my soul. It’s my second home. I can’t be there as much as I would like. This way, I can be there as often as I wish and bring my readers along for the ride.


In short, I let it rip and love every moment of it!





"Jude's vivid imagery transports you to the beautiful Emerald Isle. You can practically see the windswept cliffs, feel the clover and moss under your feet, and sense the magic in the air. What follows is breathtaking romance, passion, humour, mystery, heartbreak, hope, and above all, love. In no time you will catch yourself cheering on the characters in their triumphs, commiserating with their pain and buoyed by their love and humanness." - Lacy M.

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