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Jude McLean Author

Escape Sample Chapter

Listen to a chapter read by the author Jude McLean


“Good day to you, lass! Been shopping, I see. Did you have a nice day out?” Shamus asked as he opened the door for a barely visible Darcie. He peered around all the bags and boxes she carried to find her.

“Yes, I had a lovely day. Thank you!” She poked her head out to the side, beaming a smile at him, and headed for her room, declining the help he offered.

When she got in the elevator, she nearly lost her bags trying to press the button for her floor. She had just enough time to get herself together when the doors opened. She stepped out and dropped one of her bags again. With a huff, she bent down to pick it up, then fumbled with the others she thought she had balanced so expertly and ended up tripping herself right into a pair of arms.

“We have to stop meeting like this.”

Darcie looked up into Connor’s blue eyes filled with male mischief. “I was out shopping and dropped one bag, and then the others followed and - ”




That’s better, now we’re on more even turf. I have a miserable sleep, cut myself shaving, and get told off while she walks around fresh as a daisy drinking and shopping. Look at her dewy face and glittering eyes. She could at least have the consideration to not look so damn happy about it.

“So, what are you doing here? Another inspection?” She knew it wasn’t that. “Thank you for the beautiful roses. I love them.”


He would conveniently forget to tell Nan her idea of flowers was a success. “I came to see you,” he said.

“How did you know what room I’m in?”

“Flynn looked it up after I threatened to punch him for winking and trying to seduce my woman away with his food.”


“Your woman! Is that what I am?”

“I’d like to think so. You’re not the type to go sneaking off into dark alcoves, driving a man half out of his mind with sex, but you did with me. So yes, you’re my woman.”

Darcie felt that same knot begin to tighten that she had the night before, her heart began to race.


“You’re blushing again, love. Do you always do that, or is it just around me? I’d like to find out.” He leaned closer, “Too bad it was too dark for me to see if you were blushing last night when I had you in the palm of my hand.”

“Shh!” she clapped her hand over his mouth. “Are you crazy? Someone might hear you!”

“So, what if they did?” he chuckled. “I don’t care. All I care about is when do I get to spend time with you again?”

His voice was smooth and seductive as he ran the back of his hand over her collar bone. She wanted to jump into his arms. Get a grip!

“Well, I - ”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

“Are you going to let me finish a sentence?” Straightening herself from her little tizzy. “Yes, I’m free tomorrow. What did you have in mind?”

“How about I take you on a day trip driving? You can sit and relax while you take in the sights.”

“That sounds lovely. Wait, you aren’t going to talk like a tour guide, are you?”

“I may have a story or two I could tell but no official tour. Cross my heart.”



“I see that I don’t need to buy you that underwear after all,” he said, dangling them from one finger looking them over. “These are nice. I'll try not to rip them, but I make no promises.”

She tried to take them away, but he held them out of her reach. When he placed the underwear back in the bag, he saw there were more. His eyebrows shot up with a grin.

“Women like to have pretty things. It’s not always about men and sex!” she snapped, trying to keep her dignity as she snatched the bag from his hand.

“If you say so, darling. Can I say one thing?”

She turned to him, glaring.

“My favorite color is red.”

Her face turned ten shades of red, and he burst into laughter.

“Alright, I promise I’m done teasing. Let’s get your bags to your room.”

She turned on her heel and hurried away, leaving him to try and keep up.

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Her rambling was interrupted by his lips brushing hers as he pulled her in for a leisurely kiss. She tasted like whiskey and chocolate and when he released her she was dizzy. It took her a minute to get her bearings. He liked that.

When she asked where he would take her, he flashed a mischievous smile, insisting it was a surprise. Seeing she wasn’t going to get an answer, she helped him collect her scattered bags and froze when he picked up a pair of purple lace underwear that had fallen onto the floor.

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