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Jude McLean Author

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Jude McLean Author

Irish romance so vivid you can feel it.


Escape: The O'Brians, Book One


She dreams of breaking free.

Desperate to start over, Darcie Hartwell is drawn to Ireland, unwittingly compelled by the mystical power of fate and the ghost of an ancestor. She’s not looking for adventure, love, or friendship. She only yearns for a peaceful life, free from the memories that plague her nightmares.


He dreams of her.

Connor O’Brian is a hard-working Irishman who wants nothing to do with women or romance—burnt once, twice shy. Except for the one he sees in his dreams. For years, he has dreamt of only her. Nameless, voiceless, he doesn’t know if she’s real. But he knows that if he ever finds her, he will stop at nothing to keep her.


But fate has its own plans.

Falling into the waiting arms of the handsome Irishman was never Darcie’s intention, but in that one moment, everything changed. Now, Darcie must decide if she is willing to confront the past that haunts her and face who she is to fight for the love she never knew awaited her.

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Break Free: The O'Brians, Book Two 

She will fight to protect her heart.

Stunning as a sunrise, Sondra Keane enchants men everywhere she goes. Fiercely independent, she has everything she needs: her own clothing shop, her best friend, Darcie, and a penchant for life that radiates from her every move. But underneath her vibrant exterior, a darkness shadows her heart. She trusts no one, especially herself.


He will fight to protect her.

Simon O’Brian loves the ladies and was perfectly happy with Miss Right Now - until Sondra. Sassy and intelligent, this firecracker is clear about what she wants - and he is more than happy to give it to her. Except this time, she ignites more than a passion in his blood, and he finds himself wanting nothing less than her heart.


But something sinister is coming.

When Darcie’s deadly family threatens her newfound happiness, Sondra gets caught in the onslaught. With her world on fire, Simon needs her to trust him now more than ever, and Sondra must choose between holding on to her past or accepting that sometimes opening your heart and risking it all is the only path to being saved. 



scape - Book On

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United: The O'Brians, Book Three


Her heart was shattered the day he was taken.

Now a widow, Nan O’Brian’s time for love is a thing of the past. She no longer thinks about herself, but instead, lives for her nephews, doting on them as if they were her own. But surviving is not living, and when an unexpected encounter sparks something she thought long buried, she wonders if a heart can get a second chance.


She was his one and only.

Shamus O’Day spends his time devoted to the memory of his beloved wife. Knowing there will never be another, his existence has become nothing more than a waiting game. But the game changes when he meets Nan, a high spirited, pint-sized woman who sends his world into a tailspin. New beginnings bring new family discoveries and with them, the realization that perhaps life is not finished with him yet.


But with new possibilities comes old trouble.

Now, the unlikely family must unite to protect the one person who brought them together: Darcie has been marked for death in a treacherous game of vengeance. But when the key to her survival lies with a man potentially even more dangerous, the risky solution could bring destruction to them all.


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Jude McLean Author

Anne Malloy, An O'Brians Novella

Sometimes true love demands an impossible choice.


1789, Anne Malloy is a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who is cruel on the best of days. Despite her circumstances, she finds solace in her love for Lord Michael Godwin, a man who brings joy and passion into her life. But she’s unaware of the looming threat that’s waiting in the shadows and when Anne discovers she's pregnant with Michael's child, she faces a hard decision.


An O'Brian Bride for Christmas, An O'Brians Novella


Christmastime is here and due largely to the remarkable efforts of Sondra and Simon, the harrowing threat of the last few months is over. What better way to celebrate than with a lavish wedding? But Sondra insists she wants a courthouse ceremony. Simon isn’t convinced and is determined to make it an extraordinary celebration for the love of his life.

Join the O’Brian’s as they transform the drab wedding into an enchanting winter wonderland, complete with twinkling lights, a Bitsy ring-bearer, and holiday cheer. Don’t forget the champagne and sprinkles because this is one Christmas none of them will ever forget!


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Jude McLean Author
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