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Jude McLean Author
Jude McLean Author

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Jude McLean Author

A love story filled with passion, suspense, and mystery, set in the breathtaking charm of Ireland.

the O'Brians trilogy

Escape, Break Free, and United

This trilogy brings together friends that turn into family and makes already existing family ties that much stronger. Darcie Hartwell innocently embarks on a search for a fresh start. She isn’t looking for adventure, love, or even friends. Darcie only wants a peaceful life. Something she hasn’t known for far too long. She goes to Ireland to start fresh and finds out that fate has plans for her. She falls in love with Connor O’Brian, finds a kindred spirit in Sondra Keane, a protector in Shamus MacClennan, a brother in Simon O’Brian, and a mentor in Nan O’Brian. Together the six learn dark secrets, deal with tragedy and ultimately protect Darcie from the dangerous family she never knew existed.

Darcie Hartwell is an American of Irish descent. She is broken, traumatized, and looking for a new life where she can breathe. She goes to Ireland on a whim, or so she thinks. She fits in there so well that she's mistaken for a local everywhere she goes. She has a secret and a past that haunts her and has been hiding for years. She no longer knows who she is but will soon find out.

meet darcie

Connor O’Brian is a hard-working Irishman who wants nothing to do with women and romance. He was burned once, and that was enough. But for years, he has dreamt of one particular woman. He doesn’t know the sound of her voice, but he knows the sound of her heart, and it’s broken. He doesn’t know who she is or if she even exists, but she’s the only woman he would chase to the ends of the earth.

meet connor

Escape - Book One
Break Free - Book Two
United - Book Three

the author

Jude McLean Author

I was a wife and writer at home when the Coronavirus hit. My husband was suddenly working from home, and I couldn’t get a minute's peace while I wrote. I was going crazy and contemplated homicide. So I took a job as a contact tracer. The work took me away from Darcie and Connor, but at least it kept me out of prison. The job led me to write Have you Got A Kitchen Table? It also led me to my brand manager and tea supplier, not to mention some dear friends. Talk about serendipity! Have You Got A Kitchen Table? was a side project that took me away from Escape, Break Free, and United.


But I don’t regret it for a moment. Darcie’s story was always playing on a constant loop in my head. Every day all day. So when I finally sat down to give her my sole attention, I dove in headfirst. I could hear her fear and Connor's worry. And my personal favorite Nan’s sarcasm. I can’t wait to finish her book, United. But Sondra, a loveable firecracker, and Simon, a lady killer who loves to not be in love, have impatiently waited their turn. I hope all of you love them as much as I do.


I enjoy picking up a book and losing myself for a while. Don't get me wrong; I like a good, long book that makes me ponder and speculate, but sometimes I just need a break. My stories serve as a recess from daily life. They are made up of the believable with enough magic, whimsy, romance, and darkness to give one an escape into an adult fairy tale.

I am of Irish descent and hold a deep-rooted affinity to Ireland. It was only natural that it be the setting of my first trilogy. Ireland has tattooed itself on my soul. It's my second home. I can't be there as much as I would like. This way, I can be there as often as I wish and bring my readers along for the ride. 

I write the stories that come to me as best I can so others hear the characters, feel their emotions, and see their lives the way I do. In short, I let it rip and love every moment of it! I hope you do too.

- Jude McLean

The Whiskey and Chocolate Podcast

Jude has a podcast! Please join her for some laughs, lessons, and lively banter. ​It features behind-the-scenes episodes about the self-publishing journey, essays with backstory, and joining her will be fun guests who have been riding this train from the beginning. They really want off but aren't allowed to leave. Available where you listen to podcasts.

Listen now on Spotify >

Jude McLean Podcast
Jude McLean Author

“Her rambling was interrupted by his lips brushing hers as he pulled her in for a leisurely kiss. She tasted like whiskey and chocolate and when he released her she was dizzy. It took her a minute to get her bearings. He liked that.” - Escape, Book One

Jude McLean Book Club in a Box

Book Club in a Box

Take your book club to the next level! In the box, you’ll get 8 copies of Escape, 8 bookmarks, 8 custom coasters, 8 tea books, 8 author cards, 8 discussion cards, and a menu with suggestions that will transport your party straight into the book. Add a Zoom call with Jude to boost your amusing escapade.

Get the box on Etsy >

Escape, The O'Brians, Book One the Audiobook 

Narrated by Jude

Available for purchase at your favorite digital store.

>> Listen to a sample here <<

Jude McLean Recipes

Recipes from Escape


What is more drab than a dull meal? Nothing, except for perhaps the birthday meal Connor burned to where Darcie joked it needed a carbon date to prove it had ever been food. Jude will bring you recipes from her books and helpful culinary tips, all laced with her humor to help ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

Get the recipes >

Come See Jude at Graceland

October 21, 2023

Jude will be an attending author at the All Shook Up book signing event.

>> Facebook Readers Group <<

>> Information and VIP Tickets Here <<

Jude McLean Playlist

The O'Brians have a playlist on Spotify

Listen to the song selection Jude created to enhance your Escape. What is better than a great book? A playlist to accompany that wonderful book. These songs will immerse you into Darcie and Connor’s world. When “Sh-Boom” comes on, you will feel like you’re sitting in the vintage Cadillac with your head on Connor’s shoulder.

Listen on Spotify >

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